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TV promo: Maxwell Football Club Awards • trt :40
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TV commercial: Center City Pretzel Co • trt :30
TV commercial: St. Declan’s Well • trt :30
TV commercial: Manayunk “Str-eat” Festival • trt :30
TV commercial: The Ugly Moose • trt :30
TV commercial: Funari Public Adjusters • trt :30
TV commercial: Chickie’s Deli Philadelphia • trt :30
TV commercial: Smith’s Restaurant Philadelphia • trt :30
TV commercial: The Judge Group • trt :30
TV commercial: Vineland Toyota • trt :30
TV commercial: Sweat Fitness • trt :30

TV commercial: Bloomsburg University  :30

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The Power Of Video -- The Premier Communications Tool Of Today

Video is beyond entertainment.  It has become a critical component in business, politics, communication, and social media.   You need video to market and sell products, promote new ideas and share beliefs.  Since video appeals to both sight and sound in a quick burst of stimulation, it captures the attention of the viewer immediately and makes a lasting impression. Messaging is concise and easy to understand, reaching people of all demographics. Ultimately, that’s the power of video—the ability to effectively share beliefs and impact audiences worldwide from the comfort of their homes to the screens of their smart phones 24/7!

Corporate Case Study: Best Buy/Microsoft, Boca Raton